Founded in 1979 by Ozires Dalvi and Maurílio Calvi, in the Jaciguá district, under the name of "Indústria de Mármores Jaciguá" (IMJ), the company established itself in the Brazilian market in the very first years. In June 1986, Lambari LTDA is opened and a mining company. Over the years, several deposits were acquired and several materials extracted, such as: Ouro Mel, Amarelo Acaraí, Golden Shadow and Jaciguá Almond, Silver and the renowned TOP STAR.

Already consolidated in the national market, in 2000, Jaciguá enters the international market. After two decades of experience, it already exports products like plates, blocks and finished parts to more than 30 countries.

Jaciguá is always modernizing and adhering to market trends. Investing in quality and technology; and in training of its team of collaborators, aims to serve its customers in a personalized way and with first-rate materials.

Jaciguá Marbles and Granites